Tessa has specialized training in myotherapy [injury treatment] as well as relaxation massage. Coupled with her background in mindfulness studies and positive psychology, Tessa uses her training, intuition & experience to offer the following services.

myotherapy massage coupled with energy work & guided awareness offers an opportunity for the client to experience body|mind integration. designed to address chronic pain sites as well as psychological and emotional imbalances. can address chronic stress, poor focus, and fatigue. also great for increasing awareness of breath, body, and thought. great for PTSD, (c)PTSD, dissociation, hypervigilance, and panic.

Soothing Bell

the client is guided through an experience of focused intention setting and then into a deep guided awareness of both past and present parts of self. the practitioner acts as a facilitator and guide for the client who ultimately navigates their own internal experience in a meditative state of mind. the result is often a shift in the disturbance of past adversities. it is resilience in action. it is post-traumatic growth.  it is the unburdening of self.

strengths-based support and guidance for improvement in the areas of emotion regulation, focus and attention, happiness, meaning, relationships, achievements, grief and loss, transitions, new beginnings, and overall life satisfaction. the goal is to build a toolbox of resources to pull from for when resilience is needed most.

coming soon! classes and groups to address individual + collective liberation as well as social justice, and community resilience