Tessa (she/they) is a strong advocate for trauma-informed care and she clearly centers this ethic in her practice. Striving to provide a safe space for all, she is always open to and deeply considerate of feedback related to safety, comfort, and accessibility. Tessa holds a BA in Psychology from The Evergreen State College, where she studied East|West Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Theories of Change. She brings her expertise in these fields to her bodywork via education, focused intention setting, guided-awareness, and coaching. Tessa became interested in studying the link between trauma and the body in 2017 after attending Bessel Van Der Kulk's Annual International Trauma Conference where she learned that trauma is rooted in the body. Tessa then became a licensed massage therapist and registered hypnotherapist -with the WA State Department of Health- in order to assist clients with hands-on therapeutic interventions for embodiment and release. Since then, Tessa has pursued additional education and training to further her competency and skill as a somatic therapist in the following areas: Internal Family Systems therapy, Hakomi, Polarity, ethics, polyvagal theory, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and various models for community healing + recovery, and mediationPassionate about social justice, mental health, and living in congruence with true self, Tessa strives and encourages her clients toward embodying a spirit of total self- love + compassion

wellness endeAvorS

Yoga, Vipasana meditation, integrative bodywork, dancing, gardening, hiking, creek-play, EMDR, Non-Violent Communication [NVC], cooking SLOW [sustainable, local, organic, and whole], Internal Family Systems therapy [IFS], Hakomi, progressive muscle relaxation (yoga nidra), space + systems design, metalsmithing, ceramics, hypnotherapy, Recovery Dharma, sound healing, art therapy, community engagement, activism, music therapy, somatic movement, breathwork, affirmations, cognitive re-framing, savoring, time with family, plant medicines, and hydration.