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Integrative Bodywork is a somatic healing method created to support holistic recovery and alignment, it combines myofascial release, psycho-education, guided awareness, and compassionate self-inquiry to facilitate the client's journey toward integration of body|mind|soul. As such, Integrative Bodywork can be used as a support tool for recovery of both physical and emotional traumas. A modality great for awakening awareness of breath, body, and thought. Helpful for stimulating the ventral branch of the vagus nerve, a natural function in the body that down regulates the fight/flight response that comes with trauma and toxic stress.

Integrative Bodywork is About tuning in deeply to present moment experiencE

Soothing Bell

With facilitated awareness of breath, imagery, sensation, emotion, and beliefs, Integrative Bodywork helps folks become more in-tune with their "body map" - our body's internal network of past ideas and experiences. Attending to all parts of our selves past, present + future with a spirit of compassion, care, curiosity, acceptance, and non-judgment affords the client a peaceful inner-system perspective on pain and suffering. Often the result is a profound sense of *deep* understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and a shift in relationship to the suffering caused by trauma, loss, dissociation, pain, judgment, attachment, craving, and avoidance.

your session is designed to prioritize your presenting needs, sessions might include:

+ myofascial release- a method of using heat and pressure to move & release restrictions in the fascia system of the body. an incredibly effective resource for supporting postural alignment and mobility

+ mind-body connection- engaging the mind to notice and internally facilitate changes in the nervous, muscular, pulmonary, and energy systems of the body

+ sound healing- auditory frequencies are used to shift the energetic flow of the body, globally or within a particular region, i.e. tuning forks, ambient music, singing bowls, binaural beats, and bija seed mantras


+ guided meditation- the use of spoken or recorded meditations for purposes of: relaxation, exploration, awakening, manifestation, lovingkindness, clearing, acceptance, forgiveness, grounding, and balancing

+ creative awareness- tessa will guide you from your brain's thinking and hypervigilant states of being to a deeper state of self-awareness + focused presence.  imagery, inquiry and breathwork prompts are offered and designed to regulate the internal systems of the body and promote overall relaxation, calm, and release

+ focused intention setting- we change behaviors by changing our thoughts through "neuroplasticity", the neurological process that allows us to learn and transform. intention setting is a ritual that can be used to initiate personal transformations big and small by influencing the constructive|destructive nature of your thoughts and behaviors 

clients commonly report having better focus, mood, energy, and clarity post session .

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