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commUNITY services

it has been a long awaited dream of mine to create a wild space where folks can come together to learn and grow. a space where healing and support are accessible. a safe space. a retreat space. a community respite space. a mainstay for... grassroots movements, and for individual and collective liberation. a space for relaxation, rejuvenation, and reprieve. a home-away-from-home space.


well, my dream is coming true as we cultivate this spirit in my new healing arts studio space at OLYMPIA WILD MEDICINE COLLECTIVE (OWMC). we are a young venture, a group of caring souls, working hard to carve out a space for good works in our beloved Olympia. i can't wait to share more about it! classes and groups coming soon to OWMC, holistic bodywork services are happening there now! call to schedule :)

with love+ hope,


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