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grounded touch coupled with mindfulness, compassion, total acceptance, and guided awareness invites a unique opportunity for healing and release. holistic alignment is great for folks experiencing impacts from past events such as accidents, injuries, emotional, relational, and psychological traumas. the client is guided through an experience of focused intention setting and then into a deep guided awareness of both past and present parts of self. the practitioner acts as a facilitator and guide for the client who ultimately navigates their own internal experience in a meditative state of mind. the result, a shift in the disturbance of past adversities. it is resilience in action. it is post-traumatic growth.  it is unburdening self.


HOLISTIC ALIGNMENT is about "coming home to self" and offering compassion and witness to implicit memories that stored in the body during moments of fight | flight | freeze in the past.  By attending to these younger parts of our selves we are able to fully integrate + let go

Rock Balancing

please note:

you must receive at least one INTEGRATED BODYWORK session before booking this offering

+ mind-body awareness- engaging the mind to facilitate change in the nervous, muscular, circulatory, and energy systems of the body.



+ guided meditation- the use of spoken or recorded relaxation, manifestation, or chakra clearing/balancing meditation.

+ myotherapy- a method of relaxing muscle spasms aka "trigger points", alleviating pain, increasing range of motion, and improving circulation and overall muscular health.  


+ myofascial release- a method of using heat and pressure to move & release restrictions in the fascial system of the body. an incredibly effective resource for supporting postural alignment.

+ focused intention setting- we change behaviors by changing our thoughts through "neuroplasticity", the neurological process that allows us to learn and transform. intention setting is a ritual that can be used to initiate personal transformations big and small by influencing the constructive|destructive nature of your thoughts and behaviors 

+ meditative mind- tessa helps to guide you from the beta brain (thinking) state to the alpha (deep relaxation) and theta (meditation) brain states to access the "core self" 

+session debrief- tessa helps you craft a post-session care and integration plan to help you transition with ease from your alignment session to your regular activities of daily life. 

+wellness coaching- tessa helps the client identify and rediscover qualities of "core self", our truest goals and values, and our personal strengths. she also teaches about trauma, PTSD, positive psychology & resilience

+ unburdening- the sacred ceremonial release or transformation of past afflictions stored in the body; shifting memories from implicit to explicit while minimizing the impacts of the sensory, emotional, and physical disturbances felt in the body

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